Tap Yourself Free

Learn how to use EFT/Tapping in every day life

Are the daily demands of balancing life whilst building your dreams leaving you overwhelmed, stressed, and emotionally drained?

Do you yearn for a practical and effective solution to regain your inner balance and find peace?

Look no further!

Have you heard of EFT?

I know, I know, it sounds bonkers....You tap where? ...And it makes you feel better? Eh?

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping) can look a little silly. However, it's a powerful energy psychology technique that has been proven to process and release low emotions, stress and anxiety - plus much, much more.

    Sounds good right? AND, there's more...

    With tapping you can

    • Prepare for, or calm down after a stressful event
    • Reduce social anxiety
    • Understand what that 'icky' feeling is that you can't put your finger on
    • Effectively release work, family, life stress
    • Process the emotions that come up when you're making big changes in your life
    • Release blocks and limiting beliefs - like money blocks
    • And so much more - if you can feel it, then you can release it with EFT

    Now's the time to learn this essential life-skill

    I'm here to demystify this powerful and EASY technique that can help you de-stress and release heavy unwanted emotions as they come up.  

    It's a simple life-skill that I think that everyone should have at their finger-tips (pun definitely intended).

    Through the pre-recorded tutorial, you will learn:

    • What EFT/Tapping is, and it's different uses in your life
    • How to use EFT at home on yourself to release stress and low emotions on the spot, without a script
    • How EFT can bring awareness to what you're really feeling (this is a game-changer for many) 
    • A way to tap subtly, for when you're out and about

    PLUS you will get:

    • 30 minute 1:1 session with me (on Zoom) to put your learning into practice and ask any questions that you may have. 
    • Print-out guide with clear steps to follow
    • Recording on how you can use EFT to support children 

    Enjoy the flexibility of accessing the training whenever and wherever it suits you. 

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    About me

    My name's Freya, and I help people. like you, to harness the power of the hidden 96% of your being (the subconscious) to bring about big, bold, beautiful changes in your career or business. 

    I am a qualified EFT practitioner and I use EFT as one of the many tools to facilitate change in my client's lives and to bring down stress and heavy emotions holding them back. 

    I'm excited to bring this version of the technique to you so that you can use it throughout your life, providing support during those tricky times.